the corpus is exquisite,

the equinox is vernal


originally planned for as a weekend-long process residency

structured around a loose game of "exquisite corpse"

forthe spring 2020 vernal equinox, the project was re-devised

to premiere in celebration of the 2020 summer solstice

june 26, 2020 / virtual performance and chat @ Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance! (BAAD!)
mar 27-29, 2020 / process residency^ @ Center for Performance Research
             (^canceled due to COVID-19)

Slide 1 (Benedict Nguyen): sun earth and moon overlaid on a distorted grid plane with crease lines

Slide 2: screen cap from BAAD virtual event on zoom: Malcolm-x (top L), Stephanie (top R), Ogemdi (bottom L), and Benedict (bottom R)

Slide 3: screen cap  from Ogemdi Ude's "An Improvisation in Two Parts:" a screenshot of a computer desktop with a finder window open (L) and a kitchen counter with a bowl of strawberries (R)

Slide 4:  screen cap from Malcolm-x Betts' "8:46:" four tiles featuring Malcolm-x  lying on side (top L), kneeling (top R), sitting on one hip (bottom L), and eyes closed, left hand raised (bottom R)