ghoul|take III

ghoultakeIII_ISSUE image_1280x850.jpg
a multimedia fantastic mythologizing performance practice adapted to ISSUE's theater
for the sept 25, 2019 fall equinox
sept 25, 2019 / performance @ ISSUE Project Room
  • loveconductors, directed by Shantelle Courvoisier Jackson

    • Renée Colbert, Justin Faircloth, Maestro Flux, Ube Halaya, Shiloh Hodges, Samantha Lysaght, Light McAuliffe, Madeline Warriner, and slowdanger (anna thompson and taylor knight)

  • commissioned writing: Opening space for the inexplicable  by Shantelle & Shiloh  (Culturebot)

    • includes a transcribed conversation between Shantelle and Nehemoyia Young, writings by Sam and Maddie

Slide 1 by Renée Colbert. Slides 2-4 by Cameron Kelly McLeod/ISSUE Project Room.

Slide 1: large moon over a rocky terrain and doorway (right) with a 2 skeletons standing behind a gate

Slide 2: from performance at ISSUE's theater, loveconductors perform with audience in chairs in the round

Slide 3: from performance at ISSUE's theater, loveconductors perform with their shadows visible against the white wall in blue light

Slide 4: from post-performance discussion with Shantelle and Nehemoyia,  audience seated in the round, house lights on