Jordan Demetrius Lloyd:

The Last Moon in Mellowland

a dance film (runtime ~28 minutes) produced over fall 2020
for the nov 20, 2020  first quarter moon in Aquarius
nov 20, 2020 / world premiere / ISSUE Project Room
feb 5, 2021 / screening + discussion / Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance
"Lloyd believes that viewers already remember a place called Mellowland, a place that lives on the edge of quietude and the ordinary. It gives viewers permission to honor their intuitive listening and yearns to deepen the ways in which we experience the minutes, hours, and days that we are moving through."      (see full press release)
one of the New York Times "5 Things to Do this Weekend"  (12/24/20)
  • choreographer, performer, sound, and visual director/designer: Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

  • performances by: Breeanah Breeden, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, Demetries Morrow, and Ariana Speight

  • text by: emily rose cannon, Stephanie George, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, and Wesley Pierre

  • dramaturgy: Stephanie George 

All photos by Jordan Demetrius Lloyd

Slide 1: saturated blue sky with waxing crescent moon just visible in the top left; a hand reaching up from the bottom of the frame 

Slide 2: Breeanah Breeden (L) and Ariana Speight (R) wearing orange-red pants and crop top long sleeves.  They both have one hand on head and other hand on waist, elbows pointing outward.

Slide 3:  Light blue sky featuring a flagpole to the right and telephone wires running diagonally

Slide 4: Demetries Morrow (L) holds hands to forehead, looking downward against a pale blue sky