revolutionary new

moon in aquarius

1 new collaboration between 3 dance makers
1 commissioned essay
for the feb 4, 2019 new moon in aquarius
feb 2, 2019 / performance @ ISSUE Project Room 
jan 17, 2019 / workshop @ Materials for the Arts

"rnma stages blurry collaborations among artists. With the sun also in Aquarius, a new lunar year is galvanized by rigorous innovation. With each artist bringing their own unique practices for making solo works, the artists consider new ways of working alongside each other in evolving, intertwined orbits."  

(see full press release)

Slide 1 (Nick Scavo with Benedict Nguyen): a greenish-purple sky with the outline of a planetary body in center right

Slides 2 and 3 by Yekaterina Gyadu.

Slide 2: from performance at ISSUE's theater, Katrina runs to the left across a platform, with audience seated in the round visible in the background

Slide 3: from performance at ISSUE's theater, lily bo (L) holds length of fabric over a silver bowl; Ambika (R) looks upward, one arm extended, the other bent at the elbow