very peak

summer solstice

2 new collaborations between poets and dancemakers
1 commissioned essay
for the june 21, 2019 summer solstice
june 21, 2019 / performances @ ISSUE Project Room
june 18, 2019 / craft talk and discussion @ Asian American Writers Workshop

"very peak summer solstice is almost redundant –

on this day, the sun is visible in the horizon for the longest time until 2020. vpss proposes collaborations between dancemakers and poets to play, create, and be messy in making new work. There's a respect for the craft and a suggestion towards de-skilling"  

(see full press release)

  • press: Tracks Get Fresher by Eva Yaa Asantewaa (Infinite Body)

    • ​​in response to Annie + Sok's December 2019 re-staging of This Mother/land Fabric at New York Live Arts

Slide 1 (Nick Scavo with Benedict Nguyen): and orangey-peach sky with the sun and moon in hazy background, and a dotted sine wave overlaid

Slide 2 (Taemin) : from craft talk at AAWW: on green couch (back row, from L-R): Jasmine, Fana, Sok, Annie; on podium (front row, from L-R): Jean, t. tran le, Stephanie, Benedict

         Slides 3-6 by Cameron Kelly McLeod/ISSUE Project Room.

Slide 3: from performance at ISSUE's theater, Annie and Sok's "This Mother/land Fabric:" Sok (L) with back to the camera and Annie (R) on floor, arched back, with audience in the around visible (far R)

Slide 4: from performance at ISSUE's theater, Fana + Jasmine's "Fana + Jasmine:" Jasmine (L) arched bak and Fana (R) tilting to the side

Slide 5: from performance at ISSUE's theater, Fana + Jasmine's "Fana + Jasmine:" Jean and Fana dancing at the front of a soul train line

Slide 6: from post-performance curtain chat at ISSUE's theater, vpss collaborators