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Inside Kei Concepts, Los Angeles' Vietnamese-Owned Food Empire  - Vietcetera

Forecasting the next stage of #freelanceflailing

            amid so many failed labor relations - National Sawdust

            Part 1: Interpersonal harm is a predictable horror of the art world

            Part 2: If me valuing myself sounds like a threat, your power trip has already gone too far 

Trans in Trumpland Shows the Benefits, and Limits, of Glossy Representation - Vanity Fair

Looping a refrain, following the ripple - Danspace Project Journal

moving, unknown / vague ideas around the thing itself: an artist statement - Diacritics

For Freelance Artists, Workers Compensation Is Usually Out Of Reach - The Establishment

Giving back by giving it up: on gentrification, reparations, dance, etc.

            (Part 1 & Part 2) - Center for Humanities

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on dance
+ a short story!

dead skin - 17th Street Review