soft bodies in 

 hard places

a multidisciplinary performance platform
collaborating (vaguely) with planetary motion
conceived during the 2019 Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellowship
@ ISSUE Project Room
loveconductors: ghoul|take III
sept 25, 2019 / ISSUE Project Room
  • press release

  • love conductors, directed by Shantelle Courvoisier Jackson

    • Renée Colbert, Justin Faircloth, Maestro Flux, Ube Halaya, Shiloh Hodges, Samantha Lysaght, Light McAuliffe, Madeline Warriner, and slowdanger (anna thompson and taylor knight)

  • commissioned writing: Opening space for the inexplicable  by Shantelle & Shiloh / culturebot

    • conversation between Shantelle and Nehemoyia Young, writings by Sam and Maddie

very peak summer solstice
june 21, 2019 / ISSUE Project Room
june 18, 2019 / Asian American Writers Workshop
  • press release

  • curated collaborations & new work

    • Fana Fraser and Jasmine Gibson: Fana + Jasmine

    • Annie Heath and Sokunthary Svay: This Mother/land Fabric 

  • astrology: Stephanie George

  • commissioned writing: Generative moments in fragmented view: a collage by Jean Lee / culturebot

  • plus, some press: Tracks Get Fresher by Eva Yaa Asantewaa / Infinite Body

    • ​​in response to Annie + Sok's Dec2019 staging of This Mother/land Fabric

revolutionary new moon in aquarius
feb 2, 2019 / ISSUE Project Room 
  • press release

  • collaborative performance developed by: Ambika Raina, Katrina Reid, lily bo shapiro

  • astrology: Stephanie George

  • commissioned writing: Readying Above and Below by Tara Sheena / culturebot